The Range Rover Autobiography * Billionaire Boyfriend

If I had a billionaire boyfriend I would drive the Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography Indus Silver. I would choose:
  • the body colored full size sliding panoramic roof
  • leather headlining in ivory with leather handle (this is the interior ceiling area etc)
  • shadow walnut with extended veneer 
  • semi aniline leather rear executive class seat style 26 (this is a really nice back seat for when I have a driver to drive me around Manhattan.)
  • heated wood and leather steering wheel
  • mirror covers 
  • iPad holder
  • snow traction system
  • cross bars
  • luggage carrier
  • deployable side steps
  • leather covered rotary shifter
  • armrest cooler
Which car would you drive if you had a billionaire boyfriend?


Sweetest Songs of All Time * My List

This post is to make a list of some of the sweetest songs of all time. As I come across a song or remember one I will add to the list. Really it's mostly for me so I can look at it when I can't think of what I want to listen to while working. Enjoy!
I'm starting it off with Earth Wind & Fire's September since I was born in September and it is Saaaweet!

BUT first anything Jimmy Fallon sings cause I just love him forever.
September- Earth Wind & Fire
Foreigner- I Want to Know What Love Is
Morrissey - Everyday is like Sunday
The Supremes- Where Did Our Love Go
Prince & The Revolution - Kiss
Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Gladys Knight and the Pips-Midnight Train to Georgia
Al Green-Lets Stay Together
Etta James- At Last
Bob Dylan- Knockin' On Heaven's Door

more to come...

Fun Free Fridays Giveaway * Hero Nutritionals All Natural Vitamins for the Family

We are so excited to have Fun Free Fridays Giveaway on Sweet Life in the again. Everyone loved our Fun Free Fridays Giveaways and we promise to provide some awesome things to win.

Awesome is this gift basket full of all natural vitamins from Hero Nutritionals. These vitamins are free from artificial colors, artificial preservatives made with natural ingredients so when you take your vitamins you are only add good stuff to your diet.
I like them because they taste good {who doesn't want a piece of fine chocolate that happens to be loaded with vitamins} they will dissolve in your stomach because they are gummy or chocolate and I love them because I know my family will be getting the vitamins they need. See good stuff like I promised for our Fun Free Fridays!

Enter to Win a Basket Full of Family Vitamins from Hero Nutritionals

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Giveaway ends on Friday 10/18/2013-Good Luck!


The Flora and Fauna of Vermont * Green Mountains

One of my favorite things about Vermont is that daily I am inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. I decide that one day rather than just taking a walk I would choose one thing to find on my walk. One day it was to see how many different wild flowers I could see (more that 20 in less than a mile) and another how many different ferns I could find along the trail. The photos above are a few of the different mushrooms I saw along the trail on my walk. My next goal is to take a field guide along with me so I can learn the identity of all these beautiful bits of nature.
One more thing I have observed about Vermont is that the soil is different here. Much much different than the hard dusty soil of The Valley in Utah. The soil in Vermont is loamy. It feels like a soft sponge under foot. It's so pleasant to walk on bare foot.  I'm sure it a combination of the mosses, decaying vegetation and the deep dark richness that contributes to this earthy cushion in Vermont.

April-Living the Sweet Life


New Disney Movie Frozen * Sweet Family Life

It's a new Disney Princess Movie-Frozen which is Disney's adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's the Snow Queen. And it looks so cute. I love the winter theme and the beautiful scandinavian style. Anna is the sweet and sassy freckle faced princess.  Kristen Bell is the voice of Anna. Coming out in theaters November 27th.We cannot wait!


New Phones for the Teens * Sweet Family Life

this post is part of a Collective Bias campaign for Walmart Family Mobile. This post is 100% all my experience. #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

As we mention before we have been on the hunt for an affordable mobile phone options for my teens. It had to be affordable with no change of going over minutes or texting limits. It had to be a cheap wireless plan that worked for our family. We decided to try out the new Walmart Family Mobile plan and see what we thought. We had the choice to either use a phone we had or to buy one of the great selection of super affordable Family Mobile smart phones as you can see below.

We decided to use one smartphone which happen to be a T-Mobile phone we already had that's in great shape and to buy another one that is a more basic phone the Family Mobile-Samsung T139 Cell Phone for the 15 year old who isn't allowed to have web service yet and who is rough on phones. This helped us save money while still getting a great phone and phone services. The $39.88 for unlimited talk, text and web is hard to beat.

Activation was super easy. We bought the starter kit ($25) for each phone which includes the SIM card and the activation information and easy instructions. I was going to activate the phone online but decided to call in to the activation line. I loved that I was able to talk to a real person, I could choose my preferred area code and that I could request a number what hasn't been used yet. You can use a phone you already have but if it isn't a T-Mobile phone or a Family Mobile phone it will need to be unlocked.

Since the coverage is on the T-Mobile network the coverage has been the same as when we had our T-Mobile contracts.

One thing that was an added bonus for adding a second line is that we received a $5 a month discount yay!

Highlights- We are billed monthly after use. No contract. No credit check. Easy to activate. Great phone selection. Super great price for unlimited use. AND parental controls of the internet use on the added lines. I LOVE this feature!!

Go check out more about the Walmart Family Mobile plan powered by T-Mobile and see what you think. We are really liking it so far.


Phones for the Family * Sweet Family Life

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias 

We are looking for new phones and Collective Bias and Walmart asked us what we wanted. In our house we wait until 16 to get a smart phone with data services for many reasons including distraction. With my youngest son turning 16 this year we have been researching some options to have 4 full data phones that would:

  • Not require a contract
  • Have great coverage
  • Include good and even great smart phones
  • And AFFORDABLE with 4 cell phone lines

All of these things are important in deciding. No contact in-case someone ends up getting the phone taken away. Paying for a phone that isn't being use makes the most sense.  Great coverage because let's face it we love to travel and teens are always on the go. I require a really good smart phone for work plus who doesn't want an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy or other great smart phone. Affordability is a no brainier. Why spend more money than you have to? I would rather go out to eat or buy some cute shoes with the extra money.

I knew Walmart had a cell phone service but just heard of their new Walmart Family Plan. It's a bit different.

  • Great top of the line smart phones
  • Low priced unlimited plans 
  • No contract 
  • You can use a phone you already have
  • Service through T-Mobile (which we already have and love) 
Check out the prices and some of the phones they have!
I love that you can buy a phone or bring your own phone with this mobile plan. 

We will keep you updated on how it all goes. Off to try it. You can check it out here too- My Family Mobile 

April-Living the Sweet Life


Taste Pin and Craft Pin * The Newest Addition to Our Family

Let me introduce you to the newest member of the Sweet Life Media Family

These two lovely babies of the family are a Sweet Place to find the very best Crafting and Food related pins. We sift through the Pinterest overwhelm for you.
If you are a blogger you can also submit your own post for us to add to the best Taste Pins and Craft Pins.


Delivery Man * Official Movie Trailer Premier * 533 Bloggers

A new movie is coming out this fall November 22nd just in time for the holidays and it looks like a good one- Delivery Man staring Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt.
I am so excited to be one of 533 bloggers who get to debut the official Delivery Man trailer to you my readers. There is a reason 533 of us a premiering the trailer. Take and look and see. I CANNOT wait to see it!

“Like” DELIVERY MAN on Facebook:  

Follow DELIVERY MAN on Twitter: @DeliveryManFilm

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DELIVERY MAN releases in theaters on November 22nd!



Miralax Beware * Sweet Family Life

WARNING do NOT give Miralax to your children!

I am disgusted to learn that doctors are prescribing the use of Miralax to children for long term use. It is a common practice and the side effects are horrifying.

This is my sweet niece Asia. My brother and sister-in-law have been searching to find out what is happening with Asia for over 5 years. Season started the blog Chips, Cheese and Sometimes Marshmallows to talk more about the research they are doing for Asia to share with others in hopes of helping other parents. In their research they found some very disturbing information about the use of Miralax in kids as well as found some relief for Asia after taking her off a long time prescribed use of Miralax.
Visit Asia's blog for more information about Miralax links and how it has improved her life after stopping the use of it.
If you go to the Miralax home page this is the exact text you will find...


Don’t wait to feel great.

Try MiraLAX®.

MiraLAX works naturally. You can take it with confidence at your first signs of constipation, since it's clinically proven to provide gentle, effective relief with no harsh side effects."

The problem with this statement is that it is in direct conflict with the side effects of the main ingredient PEG 3350 laxative products...
"In some situations, metabolic acidosis can be a mild, chronic condition; however, it may lead to shock or DEATH in severe cases. Neuropsychiatric adverse events may include seizures, tremors, tics, headache, anxiety, lethargy, sedation, aggression, rages, obsessive-compulsive behaviors including repetitive chewing and sucking, paranoia and mood swings."

In Asia they believe it lead to "seizures, tremors, headache, anxiety, lethargy, sedation, aggression, rages, obsessive-compulsive behaviors including repetitive chewing and sucking, paranoia and mood swings." This poor sweet girl who can not communicate at this time with words had to suffer these side effects because doctors are prescribing a medication that has not be tested for use on kids and was never intended for kids. 
I hope this post find help and relief to someone and who knows could even save a life.


Now Sweet Life in the Green Mountains * Our Big Move

It's official we are now Vermonters living in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont (for now.) Vermont is full of green trees which turn a vivid rainbow of colors in the fall, big old barns, white churches, Victorian homes, towns that are over 200 years old, dairy farms which means the best cheese, good kind people, old and young men who have long beards, harvest balls, tons of rivers, lakes and ponds, great skiing, green mountains, pure Vermont maple syrup and good food. We'll still keep you updated with good food, home, garden, and travel posts.
{maple syrup grading-photo by Season Atwater photography}

Until then... It's spring here in Vermont it's time to sugar which means the sap is flowing and the sugar houses are boiling up some of the finest maple syrup in the world.

After all Backwoods is the new black!


Welcome * A-1 Driving School Utah * Happenin in The Valley

{sweet photos by Season Atwater Photography}
It comes to every parent and no one prepares you and no one tells you how terrifying it will be and it sneaks up on you because you are so busy raising your kids you hardly have a chance to stop and think about it. TEENAGE DRIVING!  I love having twins but there is no way I was ready for double first time drivers and double first time dating teens. It makes me wonder what is in store for me when we hit the days of college and marriage. Yikes. I will not think about that for now-overwhelmed!

I went searching for a school that could take over the lessons after having a few panic attacks after the driving permits where obtained and I was left to the job to teach my TWIN TEENS to drive. A-1 Driving School-Call us... and I did! I love that they offer online classes as well as online registration and online driving time scheduling.

A-1 Driving School has several options to choose from for your Driving School needs.

  • 9 Day Classroom Course- it only takes 9 day BUT you can do it at your own pace
  • Internet Study Course- this is for the written part of  Drivers Ed from your laptop or other computer{Sha' took her online course using her iPad!}
  • Home Study Course- 
  • Deluxe 7 day Course- for those who are in a hurry to get their licence!
  • Drive Only- if you only have the driving portion of Drivers Ed left this is for you!
  • Adult Drivers Education- if you are 19 and over and want to get your first drivers licence this is a great course for you to become a confidant skilled driver.

The mission of A-1 Driving School is to help people get a Utah Drivers License as quickly, conveniently, and safely as possible.

Check out A-1 Driving School Locations in Utah

In The Valley
Orem, Utah
930 South State Street #140

Provo, Utah
441 North 900 East

American Fork, Utah
59 East Main Street

Spanish Fork, Utah
740 North Main Street

Outside The Valley
West Jordan, Utah
8937 South 2700 West
Sugarhouse, Utah
1090 South 1100 East
Sandy, Utah (Main Office)
8088 South 2000 East

Riverton, Utah
2364 W 12600 S. Suite 1D
801.943.2525 801.446.6739

Holladay, Utah
4568 South Highland Dr Rm 130
Draper, Utah
949 East 12400 South Suite A3

Layton, Utah
360 South Fort Lane Bld. B-107

Centerville, Utah
200 West Parrish Lane

Ogden, Utah
860 West Riverdale Rd, Suite D-8

A-1 Driving school is the newest sponsor of Sweet Life in The Valley. Would you like to be a Sweet Life in The Valley sponsor? Email us at


Sweet Family Life * We're HUGE Nintendo Fans

We are huge Nintendo fans in our family. I love that most of the games are family friendly including the Mario Party games. New Mario Party 9 makes it more fun for the whole family to join in. Some of the new features include the four player game board and the group cart that all the characters ride in together to go to each mini game on the game board.

Since it is more of a game of luck than skill it makes it easier for the younger members of the family feel like they have just as much of a chance of winning as the older ones. It would be a great birthday gift or a great game to play when friends are over on a rainy day. We give it a 4 thumbs up at our house.


Sweet Eats in The Valley * D Boys BBQ Orem

I have found BBQ heaven right here in Orem. D Boys BBQ makes amazing smoked meats but they don't stop with the meats. They also know how to serve up the savory smoked morsels. For the salad lovers a delicious smoked turkey with pecans and cranberries over a bed of lettuces is very satisfying. See the thick slice of garlic bread on the side? Most if not all the time when a meal is served with some garlic bread or bead its a second thought, almost, just a mediocre filler item, not with D Boys BBQ. Their thick slice of garlic bread is perfectly toasted and BOTH sides garlic buttered making it a nice even balance of flavors.

{The smoker at D Boys BBQ}

The smoked meats a sooo good! D Boys BBQ uses cherry wood. If you have smelled cherry wood smoke you will know the sweet smell that brings memories of summer camping, winter evenings by the fire and a good smoked meat. It is the kind of smoky smell that is mellow. The kid you don't mind lingering in the air. The Diamond boys have created a great blend of smoked meats with their own rub mix and a very special BBQ "nasty" sauce.
At D Boys BBQ even the kids menu items are great. I love it when a kids menu offers more than chicken nuggets. We tried the kids Wrangler Dinner that included a side of choice such as sweet potato fries, coleslaw, baked potato and other such goodness. This is what a kids menu should look like.
How about the Shooters? They are only $1. Time to trade up your dollar menu meal to their tasty smoked pulled pork or beef. Try it. I know you will love it. I tried all the meats and everyone of them was perfection.
Have a look at the whole menu, click here: D Boys BBQ Menu 

Sweet Tip:
ValPak has some great coupons for D Boys BBQ including a free shooter and 2 BBQ Sandwiches for $10

D Boys BBQ
294 N State Street
Orem, UT
Facebook: D Boys BBQ

{food provided by D Boys BBQ for review but as always I only write about the products and food I like. }


Good Eats * Roll Up Cafe * Crepes in Orem

Sweet or savory you are going to love the crepes at Roll Up Cafe. I sampled the Chicken Alfredo {bottom left} filled with Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Cheese with Spinach, Mushroom, Tomatoes & Alfredo Sauce. It's a tasty lighter version of the traditional Chicken Alfredo filled with heavy pasta. I love all the fresh veggies on it. My daughter tried to Turkey Bacon Avocado {top left} filled with Turkey, Bacon & Tomato with Avocado & Cheese. Did you see those large slices of avocado? Yum! and the bacon was delicious. My son went for a sweet crepe, the Stuffed French Toast Crepe. It's made with Fresh Strawberries and bananas with sweet cream cheese and powder sugar on top with a side of maple syrup. We shared and tasted all three crepes and the tasting was unanimous. We loved them all! Roll Up Cafe makes all their ingredients fresh everyday. They buy locally grown, free range and fresh when ever possible which means everything taste great and it's good for you too. To top it all off we tried their milk shakes. Guess what my kids and I have been craving ever since our visit? It's the Nutella milk shake. It is the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and Nutella {you can order it with chocolate ice cream too.} Check it out.  Roll up cafe is now on our list of Favorite Sweet Eateries in The Valley.

1605 S State Street
Orem, Utah, 84097
Facebook: Roll Up Cafe


Mother's Day * Azalea Spa and Salon

Did you get your Mother a gift for Mother's Day yet? No? Head over to Azalea Day Spa & Salon's Facebook page to get 10% off a Gift Card for Mother's Day- Less Stress and More Love!
Facebook: Azalea Day Spa & Salon 

Thanks to Azalea for sponsoring Sweet Life in The Valley. Do you want to be a Sweet Sponsor email me at


Happenin' in The Valley * Grand Opening of Utah Valley Convention Center

The Grand Opening celebration for the NEW Utah Valley Convention Center is tomorrow, May 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Grand Opening is an entirely FREE event filled with fun activities for the whole family. Aside from entertainment and free food, local venues and businesses are providing need-to-know information for attendees in order to plan their entire summer.

For more information visit


Good Eats * Tillamook Light Yogurt

I have professed my love of Tillamook cheeses, ice cream and yogurt and I am thrilled to announce their new Tillamook Light Fat Free Yogurts sweetened with Truvia (stevia)!! Yay! I am allergic to artificial sweeteners. They give me massive migraines. I knew if Tillamook was to come out with a new Light Yogurt it would be great and true to their brand and it is. One of my favorite flavors is the Marion Berry. I also love the lemon of course. As you remember I am a lover of almost anything lemon. Oh and one more thing, they actually balanced the sweetener right so it is good. What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?

p.s. Tillamook sent me some yogurt to try but I only write about things I really like. I promise.


Sweet Fashion * Summer Clothing

Since having twins 16 years ago my wardrobe has been clothing I can throw in the wash and not worry if kids have spit-up, muddy hand prints or spilled food on it type wearable items. Not much has changed in the past 16 years. I am always surrounded by kids {which I love} from my little nieces and nephews to those I work with in my professional life. A big plus is those clothing items are comfortable and work with my active lifestyle.

Fresh Produce sent me one of their lovely dresses to try. I decided to choose something for my sweet 16 year old daughter who loves dresses and is an excellent baby sitter. She looked so cute in Fresh Produce's Augustine Sunshine Dress. Are you looking for some cute summer casual clothes? Check them out.


Earth Day Balloon Pop at Azalea Salon and Spa * Happenin in The Valley

Join us for our Earth Month Fundraiser!!
 -Ever $10 donation gets you a balloon to pop 
-Every balloon prize is valued between $10-$100 
-All donations go to the Western Resource Advocates which helps sustain clean land and water here in Utah. Refreshments, hand massages, henna tattoos and other fun prizes!
Enter to win our prize basket as well!

Saturday, April 28, 2012
11:00am until 5:00pm

*Please bring cash to the event for donations* We will also be selling our Earth Month candles at the event! Bring your friends!

{Azalea is one of our Sweet Sponsors. Would you like to be a Sweet Sponsor too? email me at}


Bijou Market * Happenin in The Valley

Next weekend is the Bijou Market. There will be an amazing selection of items from local artist and artisans including my friend and designer Heather Carson.

Historic Soutworth Hall
116 West Center Street
Provo, Utah

Happy Easter!!


The Hunger Games Event with Azalea Salon and Day Spa

Azalea Salon and Day Spa in American Fork is hosting a super fun pre-movie event. 

The Hunger Games

Join us for the Games March 22... This is what you will get:

* Exclusive early viewing of The Hunger Games -No waiting in line!
*20% off Aveda products the day of event - with a ticket
*Pre movie primping- makeup touch ups, etc.
*Entered into a drawing for prizes (see below)
*A goodie bag

Hunger Games starts at 7:p.m. on March 22. Be one of the first to see this epic series.
Call for details  801.756.9619
Space for the Azalea event is limited- Reserve your seat today!

Pre-Movie Events
Must have movie ticket

10:00-4:00: FREE makeup appointments. Get fresh spring ideas and tips
5:00 -6:00: Prepare yourself for The Hunger Games with FREE makeup touch-ups, hand massages and styles
6:30-7:00: Let the Games begin as we draw for door prizes in the theater

Drawing Prizes:
The Hunger Games book set, Services to Azalea, Aveda product, Hunger Games signature nail polish, and more...

Tell your friends and join us for an exciting evening.
Space is limited so reserve your spot now.

(No one under 12 years of age, please - due to movie rating)

Azalea Salon & Day Spa (right next to the theaters)
741West 100 North
American Fork, Utah 

Cinemark American Fork
715 West 180 North
American Fork, UT 84003


Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Utah * Local

{Our new Favorite in The Valley}

Do you know what Upper Cervical Chiropractic is? Have you ever been to a chiropractor? I have seen a chiropractor off and on for years, sometimes 2 times a week for months.

When I had my twins and I nursed both of them my back started to twist and go out of place holding and lifting the twins all day long. That was 16 years ago. The problem is my back was out pretty much daily. I could have seen a chiropractor daily. I wish I had one to visit me every evening. Reality is that it is way too expensive to see a chiropractor everyday plus who has time for it?

I also have some health issues surrounding my good 'ol hormones like a lot of the women I know including my thyroid. I started doing some research on hormones, health, healing wellness and repairing my body not just medicating it.
I came across a different type of Chiropractic and I never experienced- Upper Cervical Chiropractic. My aunt once told me about how you can see a Chiropractor and all they do is gently press on your upper neck.
YES, I was skeptical since I knew what it took to get my back, neck and hips back into place. BUT when I came across Upper Cervical Chiropractic again in my searches I look it all over a bit closer. Much to my surprise it's kinda GREAT!

First, Dr.Ashleigh Stockwell takes ex-rays of our neck and head to see what is happening to the upper disks of your spine. She uses these images to measure and determine how to adjust your upper vertebrae of your spine so your whole body can align itself.

This is what we found.... along with my head and neck twisted to the side and to the right a bit. Plus a scary thing- some degeneration in my vertebrae in my neck! I am way to young for such things!
Second, she weighs you to see how balanced you are carrying your weight on each side of your body.
Third, she measures your legs to see which side of the body is higher.
Fourth, she has you lay on your side with your head resting on a head rest. She softly presses down on our head/neck just near your ear. She adjust the head rest as she is adjusting your upper cervical disks of the spine to the correct placement. She will also have you get up a walk to allow your body to align it's self and then tweeks the upper cervical disks again to get it just right.

My first reaction was surprise because it was so gentle. No twisting and popping and cracking of the back. In fact you won't hear anything. At first I wondering if anything was happening. Then as I walked down the hall I could feel my body falling into place. I also noticed my body was staying aligned for 2-3 days at a time not just till a few hours like I experienced with other chiropractic techniques.

I am going on my 3rd treatment and I am feeling a lot better. One thing I noticed is that after my first adjustment I lost 5 lbs in water weight. I could also breath better. I have heard some amazing things come from Upper Cervical Chiropractic from family and friends. I will keep you updated with how it is going for me and my kids. We are all visiting Dr. Ashleigh Stockwell.

Dr. Ashleigh Stockwell
309 N. State St.
Orem, Ut 84057

Here is a little video that explains it all a bit.


Sweet Life in The Valley-Utah Blog on Facebook

I would LOVE to have you "like" Sweet Life in The Valley on Facebook. I will be giving some behind the scenes update, fun mini posts and extra photos in our Facebook updates. Sweet Life in The Valley is also in the middle of a site re-design. The logo and images above are a little sneak peek.