Free Cinderella Quote Printable

I loved this quote from the new Disney's Cinderella movie and thought you might too. This is a high resolution 8.5x11 size you can print from your printer on white cardstock and frame. It's perfect for your office or your little girls bedroom.

Disney's Cinderella and The New Frozen Short

Did you see the new Disney live action Cinderella this weekend? We did and we love it! Has the best theme ever too "always be Kind and Brave," Ella's mother reminds her to live by these words.

But first the NEW Frozen Short Frozen Fever is so cute. All the kids in the theater loved it too. Laughing at the antics. Most of the short was in song. There is a fun little surprise with the mini-me snowmen.

Elle is played by Downton Abbey's Lily James. When I first saw the trailer I thought but wait doesn't Cinderella have blue eyes? Are we sure Lily James is right for Cinderella? Yep, she is, the casting director know what she was doing. Lily nailed it. So perfectly sweet and spunky at the same time.

As much as Helena Bonham Carter is crazy creepy in some movies she is silly and fun and perfect as Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Prince charming was truly charming and I don't remember anyone calling him Prince Charming. He was just a kind prince taken by a common farm girl who wanted to marry for love. Richard Madden played Kit as they call the Prince in the movie, so well plus, his smile could charm anyone.

The always brilliant Cate Blanchett was the perfectly elegant and wicked the stepmother. The body lines she holds are beautiful! Well done! I loved how the screenwriter Chris Weitz add a human element to her. Giving her not an excuse but a reason behind her wickedness likened to what might really happen to many stepmothers.

I have to say this is one of the best cast movies I've seen in a long time. My only wish was that more of the music was in the movie rather in the end credits.

Bravo to the casting, costumes and screenplay. It's a classic we will be adding to our collection.

P.S. Be sure to stay to end of the credits to hear all the beautiful music and a fun little ending.


Where is the American Crafts Warehouse Sale?

I bet some of you are excited to know that American Crafts and their other brands including Pebbles Inc Imaginisce, Bazzil Basics, We R, Crate Paper, Pink Paislee, Studio Calico, Becky Higgins and Heidi Swapp are having their annual warehouse sale in November this year. American Crafts has come a long way since I first wrote about American Crafts products  (2007) and they were just the American Crafts brand back then.

Address for the BIG Craft Sale is
475 N. State street Orem Utah
(you know, the old Kmart building)

They do have carts and even a few of the old Costco carts if you need to hall the kids along with you.

I stocked up on some craft papers including some glitter scrapbook paper for some holiday projects. Everything from paper cutters to scrapbooks to mini staplers can be found at great prices. They are also giving out a bounce back coupon for $2 off a $20 purchase so you can get something free. I got a cute heart punch out paper punch with my coupon.

A lot of the items are at least 50% off. The selection is HUGE. It's set up to easily walk up and down the lanes and find what you want quickly.
A few of my buys were a 24 pack of premium ribbon for $5 regularly $14.99

This sweet snowflake Christmas Garland kit for handing Christmas cards or even advent items.

We also got some other great stuff and will be posting some Christmas project over on Sweet and Simple by April in the next week or so for the holiday season.
Go wander and snap up some crafting and scrapbook supplies at a super great price. I'm thinking Christmas gifts, ornaments, neighbor gifts, a scrapbook for Grandma....

SIGN UP for updates on specials and giveaways for American Crafts here.

Product provided by American Crafts.


Sweet Deals by April * NEW Facebook Group Join Us!!

I finally did it. I decided to start sharing my secrets to living a very nice life on a very tight budget. I started a group on Facebook called Sweet Deals by April to share FREEBIES, DEALS and COUPONS with all my friends and family. AND of course I include all of you my readers as my friends.

If you Love deals, coupons, discounts and freebies? Join the Sweet Deals by April group here on Facebook

You are welcome to invite you trusted friends and family to join the group as well.
I am so excited to share with you all these deals!!

We have to fake it til we make it after all. And why not do it with style, class and fun!!!

Here is our list of all the Brands I am working with to bring you deals, discounts and freebies.
We are working with BIG brands including William Sonoma, Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Blendtec, Gymboree and so many more.

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If you don't see your favorite brand on the list please let me know and I will see if we an get them added.

These are real brands we use everyday and love. I hope you enjoy the work and love I put into it for you all.


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Sweet Family Life * Reply to a Younger Mother

I began writing a comment in a bloggers group on Facebook in reply to this bloggers blog post on Overbearing In-Laws. It turned into a whole blog post. 

I have to laugh at this because I did not like the way my my in-laws, now ex-laws did many things. I thought I had it all figured out. I wanted it my way which of course was just selfish. I was establishing my own little family unit. I forgot as most twenty something parents of small children do, that I was a part of a family that was more than just me and him and our kids.

My twins are now adults and we have talked about having a close family in their adult years. This means when they choose someone to marry they have to think about how it will affect the closeness we have as a unit. Also, remember just as you are a parent to your young children your parents are parents the rest of your life not just during your childhood. They have experience. They should be your first council you go to for advice outside your marriage (if you are blessed with good parents). 

Our society has a problem with remembering to respect the matriarchs and patriarchs of their family. It is happening in most families these days. Most affluent and successful families hold regular family councils, one on one meeting with parents and grandparents. They also have family trusts. I've recently saw this mantel of marticarch and head of family passed on to my mother when my grandmother passed on in June. My mother is now the head of the family and it does literally makes a difference. I see the way she handles things within the family has changed with this new station. Respecting how your family you chose to marry into does things is very very important. Especially when they are a good family wanting to do good things for their children and grandchildren. There will be much bigger mountains to climb within a family than how you run a family get together. 
With hopes for wonderful families full of love, respect and joy- April


The NOT so Sweet Life * Severe Vitamin D Deficiancy * Very Grateful Today

Looks like I will be taking a sunny beach vacation very very soon... Dr's orders Hooray!

Today I am very very grateful for a doctor who suggested I add a vitamin D level blood test to my panel of more blood tests.

15 years of suffering is way too long. Why didn't one of the many doctors from the family practitioners (mind you more than the 3 I've seen) to the endocrinologist, to the neurologist do this test!?!!! It is such a simple blood test. It is so much cheaper than the MRI, CT Scan, Blood panels, emergency room visits, prescriptions and several visits to offices I have been to over that past 15 years. I have suffered from...

  • Weight gain to the tune of 110 pounds !!! not from over eating or lack of exercise
  • Migraine Headaches causing risk of stroke plus the need for strong pain meds
  • Vision Problems making it hard to work and just plain see!!
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Achy Joints, Muscles and Bones so bad I couldn't do anything for days at a time
  • Chronic Fatigue a**holes telling me I'm just lazy
  • Hypothyroid
  • Memory and Foggy Brain Problems
  • Loss of my period for 6 months thinking I'm going into early menopause 
  • Daily Asthma Attacks requiring use of my inhaler every time I laugh
  • And down right feeling like I'm going crazy!!
PLUS, this also puts me at high risk of cancer, prematurely aging bones, dementia, macular degeneration of my eyes and cardiovascular health issues such as a heart attack. 

What is this crazy thing that my OB/GYN decided to test for after all these years- Severe Vitamin D Deficiency. Guess what? I was low, very very low!

WHY DIDN'T ONE OF THE MANY DOCTORS I SAW OVER THE PAST 15 YEARS DO THIS TEST!?!? One thing I have learned over the 20 years of adulthood. Our health is in our own hands.

Guess what else!?! It's super easy to fix. I have been put on a high dose of Vitamin D via prescription from my doctor.

What do I have to do to finally feel better?

  • I take 500,000 IU of Vitamin D once a week for 6 weeks then reduce the dose to maintain my levels. 
  • Spend 1/2 hour a day in sun without sun block. I will be exposing my legs I prefer to keep the wrinkles away from my face as long as possible.
My level was at 16. August is the month that your vitamin D levels are suppose to be at their highest this time of the year. I can only imagine what mine are at come January. 
I took my first does of Vitamin D yesterday and I am already feeling so much better today. I will keep you all updated in 6 weeks after my therapeutic level doses are done. 
I am hoping for some weight loss (fingers crossed), no more head aches, more energy and clearer thinking and just plain feeling good again. 

If you feel like crap for any reason go get tested. It's worth it. You never know and the research has shown 1-6 people have severe Vitamin D deficiency. That is just too high not to be a regular test when someone is feeling horrible all the time.

I wrote this post because I hope no one ever has to suffer like I did for as long as I did.

April~ Living the Sweet Life

I took this photo when I was sitting on the beach along the Emerald Cost Florida

CAUTION: This is what my experience is under Doctor supervision.. Vitamin D is a oil soluble vitamin and you can OVER DOSE if you don't use it right. This is in no way a medical advise post. 


The Flora and Fauna of Vermont * Green Mountains

One of my favorite things about Vermont is that daily I am inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. I decide that one day rather than just taking a walk I would choose one thing to find on my walk. One day it was to see how many different wild flowers I could see (more that 20 in less than a mile) and another how many different ferns I could find along the trail. The photos above are a few of the different mushrooms I saw along the trail on my walk. My next goal is to take a field guide along with me so I can learn the identity of all these beautiful bits of nature.
One more thing I have observed about Vermont is that the soil is different here. Much much different than the hard dusty soil of The Valley in Utah. The soil in Vermont is loamy. It feels like a soft sponge under foot. It's so pleasant to walk on bare foot.  I'm sure it a combination of the mosses, decaying vegetation and the deep dark richness that contributes to this earthy cushion in Vermont.

April-Living the Sweet Life


Now Sweet Life in the Green Mountains * Our Big Move

It's official we are now Vermonters living in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont (for now.) Vermont is full of green trees which turn a vivid rainbow of colors in the fall, big old barns, white churches, Victorian homes, towns that are over 200 years old, dairy farms which means the best cheese, good kind people, old and young men who have long beards, harvest balls, tons of rivers, lakes and ponds, great skiing, green mountains, pure Vermont maple syrup and good food. We'll still keep you updated with good food, home, garden, and travel posts.
{maple syrup grading-photo by Season Atwater photography}

Until then... It's spring here in Vermont it's time to sugar which means the sap is flowing and the sugar houses are boiling up some of the finest maple syrup in the world.

After all Backwoods is the new black!


Sweet Eats in The Valley * D Boys BBQ Orem

I have found BBQ heaven right here in Orem. D Boys BBQ makes amazing smoked meats but they don't stop with the meats. They also know how to serve up the savory smoked morsels. For the salad lovers a delicious smoked turkey with pecans and cranberries over a bed of lettuces is very satisfying. See the thick slice of garlic bread on the side? Most if not all the time when a meal is served with some garlic bread or bead its a second thought, almost, just a mediocre filler item, not with D Boys BBQ. Their thick slice of garlic bread is perfectly toasted and BOTH sides garlic buttered making it a nice even balance of flavors.

{The smoker at D Boys BBQ}

The smoked meats a sooo good! D Boys BBQ uses cherry wood. If you have smelled cherry wood smoke you will know the sweet smell that brings memories of summer camping, winter evenings by the fire and a good smoked meat. It is the kind of smoky smell that is mellow. The kid you don't mind lingering in the air. The Diamond boys have created a great blend of smoked meats with their own rub mix and a very special BBQ "nasty" sauce.
At D Boys BBQ even the kids menu items are great. I love it when a kids menu offers more than chicken nuggets. We tried the kids Wrangler Dinner that included a side of choice such as sweet potato fries, coleslaw, baked potato and other such goodness. This is what a kids menu should look like.
How about the Shooters? They are only $1. Time to trade up your dollar menu meal to their tasty smoked pulled pork or beef. Try it. I know you will love it. I tried all the meats and everyone of them was perfection.
Have a look at the whole menu, click here: D Boys BBQ Menu 

Sweet Tip:
ValPak has some great coupons for D Boys BBQ including a free shooter and 2 BBQ Sandwiches for $10

D Boys BBQ
294 N State Street
Orem, UT
Facebook: D Boys BBQ

{food provided by D Boys BBQ for review but as always I only write about the products and food I like. }


Good Eats * Roll Up Cafe * Crepes in Orem

Sweet or savory you are going to love the crepes at Roll Up Cafe. I sampled the Chicken Alfredo {bottom left} filled with Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Cheese with Spinach, Mushroom, Tomatoes & Alfredo Sauce. It's a tasty lighter version of the traditional Chicken Alfredo filled with heavy pasta. I love all the fresh veggies on it. My daughter tried to Turkey Bacon Avocado {top left} filled with Turkey, Bacon & Tomato with Avocado & Cheese. Did you see those large slices of avocado? Yum! and the bacon was delicious. My son went for a sweet crepe, the Stuffed French Toast Crepe. It's made with Fresh Strawberries and bananas with sweet cream cheese and powder sugar on top with a side of maple syrup. We shared and tasted all three crepes and the tasting was unanimous. We loved them all! Roll Up Cafe makes all their ingredients fresh everyday. They buy locally grown, free range and fresh when ever possible which means everything taste great and it's good for you too. To top it all off we tried their milk shakes. Guess what my kids and I have been craving ever since our visit? It's the Nutella milk shake. It is the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and Nutella {you can order it with chocolate ice cream too.} Check it out.  Roll up cafe is now on our list of Favorite Sweet Eateries in The Valley.

1605 S State Street
Orem, Utah, 84097
Facebook: Roll Up Cafe