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I was over at Borders Books, my third place, looking through some magazines and looking for some fun new Christmas books for our collection and I couldn’t help noticing a stream of people being ushered to the parenting books. Since we are expecting 3 babies in our family over the next 6 months and we just added one in August I thought I would talk about a few parenting books of interest. These are a few of my favorites. This review is dedicated to all the soon to be parents, parents and grandparents. First the What to Expect series by, Heidi Murkoff Arlene Eisenberg & Sandee Hathaway is wonderful. What to Expect When Your Expecting gives you everything from what your baby looks like in the womb month to month to what to expect at your doctors visit. What to Expect the First Year helps you through the mile stones of the first year from rolling over to what and when to feed your baby. What to expect the Toddler Years goes through month by month on the development and concerns of your growing toddler. I just wish they continued the series on all the way to 18. Maybe in the future. Lets cross our fingers! For those of us with the child over the toddler years the Love and Logic series by Jim Fay is a good start. There is a Love and Logic general book, & for the early years, teens, teachers, and grandparenting. All of these books are good to have on hand. Good luck on your parenting. I always felt my worst day with my children is better than the best day with out them. Your depth of love will increase beyond measure & you will become someone you never knew you could be. In the words of Corinne Bailey Rae, “Just like a star across my sky just... like an angel off the page you have appeared to my life...”

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