Other Stuff ~ Christmas & Recycling

The Christmas Season begins this Friday! With Christmas comes a lot of extra trash from all the gifts & parties. This season let us all start a new tradition. Recycle all that extra paper, plastic etc. waste. Most cities have a recycling program. Contact your local city offices for more information. In Provo it is much cheaper than getting an additional garbage can $5 as opposed to $11 for regular waste can. You would be surprised at how much of your waste will go into it. If you are a small family team up with a neighbor and share a recycling can. If you live in apartments or condos petition with your building to get a recycling dumpster. Go into your children’s class rooms and make a large recycling box with the kids that you pick up weekly & put in your recycling can(if the school doesn’t have one.) There are also large recycling dumpsters at most schools for newspapers magazines & phone books. There are places in most communities were you can recycle cell phones & batteries as well. If just one of the people reading this does something it will make a huge difference. Try to buy recycled papers & products when you can. Happy Recycling Holidays!

~ Provo City Recycling
~ Orem City Recycling
~ Lehi City Recycling
~ Spanish Fork Recycling
~ Utah Department of Environmental Quality


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