Sweet Past ~ Donny & Marie Osmond

Post Script: This morning Tuesday, November 6th, George Osmond, father of the Osmond family passed away. My condolences to the Osmond family. Because of this passing I will keep everyone up dated on the scheduled Osmond appearance on the Oprah show as it may be canceled. You are in our prayers.

Now anyone over 35 would remember this part of the Sweet Past of Utah County. The Donny & Marie show was taped right here in Orem, Utah from 1977-1979 at the Osmond Studios. I remember as a girl back in the 70's watching the Donny & Marie Show every week with my family. Now for the younger crowd the Donny & Marie show was then as Hannah Montana is today (as close as you can compare). It was a big deal! I have included a fun clip from the show intro number “I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock and roll.” This coming Friday the Osmond family will be performing on the Oprah Show. Watch it and remember the days gone by and bring back a bit of the sweet past of this valley where we live.

Friday, November 9th CBS KUTV - Channel 2,Utah- Oprah 4:00PM

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