The Third Place an Introduction

The Third Place an Introduction:
When I started to pass out cards and info for my blog I put The Third Place on it as one of my segments. Everyone kept asking what is The Third Place, so this is my introduction.
The Third Place is a place you go to be social and relax it is somewhere other than your place of work or your home. Ray Oldenburg introduces the Third Place in his book “The Great, Good Place.” Oldenburg talks about how it is important for a civilized society to have a third place because it helps create a sense of place or belonging. Most people have a third place and don’t even realize it. In our Sweet Valley it maybe be the book store or your local scrap booking shop or even your church. In my segment called “The Third Place” I will be telling about some of the Third Places here in our Sweet Valley. You can read more about the Third Place at the links below. Email me and tell me about your Third Place. As Gary Portnoy& Judy Hart Angelo said,♪♬ “Where everybody knows your name ... and they’re always glad you came...”♬♪

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