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{Our Laundry Schedule~ my "Find of the Week"}

Since my twins are turning 12 in February I thought this would be a good time to give them some more responsibilities around the house. I told them that as they welcome another year and become a "young man & young woman", this is the name of the age group for girls and boys 12-18 in our church, that they need to live, from here on out, to prepare to be adults. This would include preparing meals for the family, having more chores around the house, and doing their own laundry. I was prepared for the typical grumbling and the "it's not fare no one else has to do this- just us! & We just have to do this because we don't have as much money as our friends! " With which I respond "even IF we where billionaires you would be doing this & any good parent out there regardless of money would make their kids do this too." But instead I got. "Do I get my own laundry basket?" & " You know mom I wanted to do laundry since I was three. I even remember putting my pajamas in the washer wanting to wash them but I didn't know how to turn on the washer." My son who is turning 10 in February also chimed in with "hey I want to do my own laundry too!" OK, wait a minute here- are you telling me that my biggest nightmare-laundry- could have gone away years before now?!?! Why didn't someone tell me this before!!! So to all the mothers out there who just hate laundry like me, maybe you should start teaching your children to do their own laundry much earlier than I started- say maybe 5 or 6yrs old. It will save you years of out of control headaches! This schedule will hang in our laundry room.

- you do your laundry on your day
-you can trade someone else but you need to settle it with them
- Fridays & Saturdays are free days so if you need to wash something it is first come first serve.
-if you need to do laundry on another person's day they have to be done with their laundry first.

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Paige said...

That is a great idea. I've told my two oldest that they should be doing their own laundry, but it hasn't caught on yet. Probably because I didn't give them a schedule. Thanks for the motivation.