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I am so excited! My Sarah Jane prints arrived today. They are so beautiful & even better in hand. I ordered all the months she has made so far & the "my little cupcake" A,B&C shown above. Guess what ?!? Sarah has graciously offered a $40 gift card to give away this week on our Fun Free Fridays Giveaway! I am in love with Sarah’s beautiful illustrations. If I could sit down and create an illustration with all the elements & influences & colors to choose from I would create something very similar to Sarah’s work. Since this is not my talent I am so happy to have her prints to add to my treasures.

{To Enter To Win * $40 Gift Card * Sarah Jane Studios}

~ Send me an email with Sarah Jane as the subject to
~ answer the question of the week: Choose your favorite Sarah Jane illustration & tell us-what story does it tell you?
~ include your name & address-open to anyone is the U.S.
~ you have until midnight Thursday January 17th to enter this giveaway

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{About Sarah * My Interview}

When did you start creating your beautiful illustrations? I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My illustrations that I am selling are latest one was done last night. But the idea of starting a business creating children's artwork is something that has been in my heart and head for a long time.
What is your back ground, education, experience etc..? I took private art lessons when I was 10 years old. My parents really believed in me. I was painting in oils by my 3rd lesson. I entered competitions starting in elementary school! I have to also say, I have two uncles that are very talented in portraiture and another in landscapes and watercolor. My grandfather was an architect, and my dad was always doodling with us children. I also attended Interlochen Academy for the Arts my summer after my junior year, and gained a lot of great training from artists all over the world. But, I also had another love: music and theater. I decided to major in Musical Theater performance in college (BYU) and coincidentally met my husband there. I received a lot of great training, and performed professionally a bit. But my first love is art, and after having my first child, I hit the sketch books again.
What are your favorite colors? deep bright pastels. Soft enough to cuddle, but strong enough to invigorate.
What & who are your influences? Carl Larsson, Maurice Sendak, E. Shepherd, and many other vintage children's illustrators.
Where do you pool&pull your inspiration from? My children, my own childhood, my time in and my love for Europe, Scandinavian interiors, French children's clothing, vintage children's books, Mother Goose, name it!
Which is you favorite illustration so far? My favorite illustration is the one that I have in my head right now, but haven't put onto paper yet.
What was it that sparked your interest in children's Illustration? My love for books, and the books I read as a child. I could sit and stare at the pictures all day. I always wanted to rip out the pictures and put them on my wall. They told such a story....but more importantly, it was MY story. Each child is really hearing what they want to hear, and seeing what they want to see. I try and keep my illustrations simple enough so that the child can do the rest of the imagining. They are meant to convey a feeling.
Would you like to illustrate a children's book? Yes...I would like to Write AND illustrate.

{Shay T. is the winner of the Princess Tots Ocean Blue & Green Tutu. Congratulations!}
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