Happenin in the Valley * Sundance Film Festival

A great big thing of note about Our Valley- Sundance just happens to be here! Today is the opening day of the Sundance Film Festival. The Resort is in our county not really in The Valley but up Our Canyon. Although most of the festivities do not happen at Sundance Resort, Sundance does do screenings at the resort. As far as Sweet Things Happenin in Our Valley this is one that is at the top. Because of the writers strike word about town is that many of these Indi Films have a pretty darn good chance of getting signed to go nation wide. Opening film for the festival is “In Bruges” by playwright Martin McDonagh. The festival runs from January 17th- January 27th. There are a 120 films in the festival this year. Pretty much at this point in the game everything is sold-out. But there is news. You can head over to one of the screenings and be on the wait list. You basically wait in line & hope they have room at the last minute. You have to get there early so bring some cards to play or a book to read. I have done this before & a good amount of those who wait-list do get into the screening.

{A few On My List to See * Screened at Sundance Resort}

Smart People
Director(s): Noam Murro
Screenwriter(s): Mark Jude Poirier
Producers: Bridget Johnson, Michael Costigan, Michael London, Bruna Papandrea
Cinematographer: Toby Irwin
Editors: Robert Frazen, Yana Gorskaya
Actors: Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church

Diminished Capacity
Director(s): Terry Kinney
Screenwriter(s): Sherwood Kiraly, based on his novel
Executive Producers: Scott Hanson, John Allen, Ed Hart, Bruce Lunsford
Producers: Celine Rattray, Galt Niederhoffer, Tim Evans, Daniela Tapling Lundberg
Cinematographer: Vanja Cernjul
Editor: Tim Streeto
Actors:Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda, Virginia Madsen

Director(s): Amy Redford
Screenwriter(s): Amos Poe
Executive Producers: Michael Roban, Damon Martin
Producers: Bob Jason, Hayward Collins, Amy Redford, Amos Poe, Brad Zions
Cinematographer: Bobby Bukowski
Editor: David Leonard
Actors: Saffron Burrows

Sundance Institute Screening Room at the Sundance Resort
North Fork, Provo Canyon
164 seats

Click here for complete schedule

{Music at Sundance Resort During the Festival}

-Friday, January 18
2 1/2 White Guys (reggae/ska)

-Saturday, January 19
Fat Paw (rock)

-Sunday, January 20
Red Line (jazz)

-Monday, January 21
Rob Binnion (jazz)

-Tuesday, January 22
Joy, Eric, Fred, and Tony
(contemporary covers)

-Wednesday, January 23
Slaymaker Group (Celtic fusion)

-Thursday, January 24
Legendary Porch Pounders (blues)

-Friday, January 25
Carlos Cornea (reggae)

-Saturday, January 26
Matt Harding (folk rock)

-Sunday, January 27
Harry Lee (blues)

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