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I came across this charmingly clever photography project in mid- September which I am green with envy -I wish I had though of it first, well only kind envious more happy for them. I would look forward to seeing what Stephanie & Maria would post for the day. I love these two mornings I posted above. The letters remind me of how much I want my own letter press which I am currently on the hunt for.. The tea pot reminds me I need to by more Cocoa Spice Tea from Yogi Teas. The images with the blues & reds are some of my favorite color combinations as well as the berries & fruits like my Redoute Fruit Prints. Their project ended on January 1st with great news. This lovely project is being published by Princeton Architectural Press this fall 2008. Another great piece of news is that they are starting 3191 a year of evenings tomorrow the 15th of January. I can not wait to see what they will have for their first post. Click here to see what they post.--->

{3191 a year of evenings site}

{their book site}

{about 3191}
"we are stephanie and mav. we live 3191 miles apart. we like to get up early. mav:left steph:right"

Congratulations girls! I am looking forward to your year of evenings!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Fun blog!

Lisa said...

I love their blog. Well-deserved book deal. :)