Find of the Week * Vintage Tablecloths

{Vintage Tablecloths}

With Easter just a few short weeks away and most everyone is to the point where they are done with winter I thought I would share with you this pretty Find of the Week. Feather Your Nest has these lovely vintage inspired tablecloths at a very affordable price. I am partial to anything with berries on it. These tablecloths remind me of my Grandma Bohman. When I was growing up she had some very similar tablecloths. When they began to wear out they would decorate our picnic tables at our family park that is on my Grandparents farm. I think my love of many of the pretty vintage things came from my affection for my Grandma and her simple lovely things she had around her home and on the farm.

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Scribbit said...

My grandmother gave me some of these and now you've reminded me to pull them out and use them--thanks!