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{Pre-Teen Birthday Parties}

Pre-Teen birthday parties can be a challenge. You want to plan something that is cool and certainly not lame like a ladybug or Spiderman theme party. Here are some ideas.

All three of my children have birthdays in the same week-this week- so we have one big birthday party every year. This year we are renting the roof top ice skating rink at My Noah's. We are also renting a billiards room to have the cake and ice cream and a place to warm up after skating. For party favors each pre-teen gets a beanie & gloves.

Another fun idea is a Disco Dance Dance Revolution party. Rent a disco ball and dance the night away! My Noah's also has a room with a big screen TV that you can rent.

Play some Grateful Dead and have a Groovy Tie Dye Party. Tie dye a shirt, socks, pillowcases and more, anything cotton will work.

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Paige said...

Cute party ideas! Thanks.