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NOTE: We have extended this book into April and will meet to discuss on April 30th. If you have any question please contact me at sweetlifeinthevalley@gmail.com
Next month{May}we will be reading The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright happy reading everyone!
{Sweet Life in the Valley Book Club ~ March 2008}

Welcome to the first monthly meeting of the Sweet Life in the Valley Book Club. At the beginning of each month we will be selecting a book to read. Suggestions are welcome from everyone on the next book to read. The last Monday of the month we will have a comment meeting to talk about the book of the month & announce the book for the next month. Everyone is welcome to read the book of the month and chat about what they think of the book. This month we will be reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. With learning to knit as one of my new years resolutions this title caught me eye when I was looking through Borders Books. Here is a quote from Kate herself about the book, " My goal for the novel was to provide the reader with a bit of a respite by sharing the imaginary world of Walker and Daughter, a cozy knitting shop nestled in New York City's bustling Upper West Side. It is here that readers can put aside their cares, enjoying the company of single mom and store owner Georgia Walker, her young daughter Dakota, their grandmotherly friend Anita, and the handful of smart, funny, tough women who comprise The Friday Night Knitting Club." Kate has a website & a blog. She also has another book coming out this week on the 6th called Comfort Food. We may just read this new book in a coming month.

{Sweet Life in the Valley Book Club}

~ Send me an email to sweetlifeinthevalley@gmail.com with Book Club as the subject if you are reading along -it is nice to see how many are interested in The Book Club

~Read our book of the month The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

~Visit on Monday March 31st to comment on the book and get the title for our April read. Even if you have not finished the book please join us for the Book Club comment day.

~Tell your friends & family about the Sweet Life in the Valley Book Club the more the merrier!

~Kate's Reader's Guide for The Friday Night Knitting Club Click Here. This is a great place to get ideas on comments to make at the comment meeting. Caution do not read this page until you are finished with the book.
P.S. I forgot to mention that The Friday Night Knitting Club is going to be made into a movie! What exciting news for Kate.

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