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{The Relatives Came* From Our Book Shelf}
The Relatives Came is a book close to my heart. It is so similar to the summer vacations my family took every year. We would drive in our station wagon across country to visit my Grandparents on their farm here in Utah. We would eat baloney sandwiches on the way which my sister and I cannot stand now because we ate so many on our trips. When we would arrive our cousins from across the country would be there too. We would spend our days playing out a Grandpa's park and canoeing in the irrigation flooded fields and in the evenings help Grandpa get the milk cow and milk her. For dinner we would eat fresh veggies from the garden. My Grandma is the world's greatest cook. At night we would sleep on the couch and spread all over the floor so there was hardly a way to walk through the house. It was an ideal dream land for a child's summer vacation. In The Relatives Came Cynthia Rylant relates a similar story. I bought my sisters each a copy to share with their children and they laughed when they read the part about the sandwiches. It is a sweet story of family. Enjoy!

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love this book. I havent read it years, I will have to pull it out of the closet.