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{ Images via Three Potato Four}

I love maps. I have loved them since I can remember. I got an A++ in geography in high school because of my love of maps and places. When my boys were very little I bought them a map of the pony express trail at a little book store in West Yellowstone for their room. I decided I needed at least one pull down map when I saw the one in the kitchen in Sleepless in Seattle. When I was at the book store this week -my third place- I decided to take a look at O Home Magazine, not one I usually look at but I am glad I did. They did a feature on pull down maps and using them as a window shade. Don't you think that is a great idea. Put your little ones to bed looking at a map. They will surely do well on their Geography tests at school plus most of them have nice blues and green and other great colors. I think I would prefer a vintage one like the ones pictured above. You can get them at Three Potato Four. You can also find a pretty good selection on EBay. I need to be on the look out for a US & World set.

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Annette Piper said...

Wow, I haven't seen those pulldown maps since I was in school. I also used to spend hours looking at maps and my son shows the same inclination.

A lovely blog! Makes me want to live in Utah!!