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{ Illustration of Vince Guaraldi}

I am so glad I read Scribbit today because Michelle wrote a great post about Jazz. Be sure to read her great Introduction to Jazz. I was just this morning excited I found one of my Jazz Cd's and listened to it on the way to take my children to school. Jazz as I discovered in my adult years is one of my favorite styles of music. My mom not being a Jazz fan asked me why I wanted to have At Last by Ella Fitzgerald as my ringer on my cellphone- she has a Frankie Valli song as her ringer yuck! Sorry mom but that music really is yuck. I saw an encore performance by Ella Fitzgerald the other day on PBS she was amazing even well into her 80's. You may be a fan of Jazz and not even know it. You know that great music on the Peanuts cartoons well it is Jazz written and preformed by the great Jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi. Vince is on my list of people I wish I could have met. Many of our favorite movies include Jazz too such as Father of the Bride and Sleepless in Seattle. Sit back get a drink to sip on relax and enjoy some Jazz.

{Here is a list of some old & new Jazz Classics}

A Kiss to Build a Dream On-Louis Armstrong
I'll Be Seeing You -Billie Holiday
It Don't Mean a Thing -Duke Ellington
J'Ai Deux Amours-Madeleine Peyroux
Dream a Little Dream of Me -Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

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Scribbit said...

I hadn't heard Madeline Peyroux before--thanks for expanding my library!