Book Club * April 2008

{ Caution }

Please know that there are spoilers in this post!

{ Things I liked }

I really enjoyed Kate's writing style. I was always wanting to read more to see what happens next. I was never bored!

I love the idea of a group of women who would under other circumstances would not be friends getting together and becoming great friends.

I liked the real feelings of betrayal, anger, love, excitement, & friendship Kate expresses in this book. It was about real women in real experiences.

{ Things I wasn't too thrilled about }

I feel like the end of the book was a bit rushed.

Toward the end of the book a lot of profanity was used that could have been omitted.

I was very disappointed that Georgia dead at the end. I need to read something that will make me feel good at the end of the day. I have enough drama in my real life. I know this is something some people enjoy but for me it was a bit of a disappointment.

Over all I like the book. I am looking foward to the new book out by Kate Jacobs called Comfort Food that comes out May 6th. Everyone is welcome to post comments on the book. Please keep them respectful.

{ Our Read for May 2008 }

This next month-May we will be reading The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. The book is based around a letters a husband writes to his his wife every week their entire marriage. What a lovely idea. What a great way to keep the interest and communication alive in your marriage.Be sure to visit Jason Site and check out the fun video he made with his daughter that gives you a tour of the town in the book. He also has a book club guide that is a great to help inspire comments for the book club. Enjoy reading this month.

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