Sweet Crafty Creations * Embroidery

{images via Martha Stewart}

When my mom was young about 12 she embroidered a pillow case and my Great-Grandmother crocheted the scalloped edges. Not too long ago my mom found her pillow case at my Grandmother's house. My daughter now 12 and I decided it would be fun to make a pillow case with the same design and have my mom crochet around the edges of them. It could be a new Grandmother and Granddaughter tradition. Since my Grandmother's hands are too old with arthritis I am having my mom crochet the edges of my pillow case too. I found some nice king sized 100% white cotton pillow cases and cut the scalloped edge (the need for the king sized). I am telling you all about it now because if I write it on The Sweet Life it will put a fire under me to finish them. As soon as they are finished I will take some photos to show you all. Until then this embroidery project on Martha Stewart is really nice. You could even just take one or two of the bird patterns and make something else out of them.

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