Sweet Crafty Creations * Tote-Shopping Bags * Earth Day

Cut large rectangular piece of fabric to desired size. Fold each end about 1/2 inch iron flat and then again about 2-3 inches iron flat.

Cut 2 strips of material for handles to the desired length. Iron in half. Sew each strip on raw edges then finish with zigzag. Turn inside out. Iron so seam is in middle. Zigzag ends.

Pin inside-out together to form the body of the tote. Sew together then zigzag to prevent fraying. Back stitch on corners to strengthen. Sew on handle straps into the inside along top. Iron seams flat.

This is Sha's finished bag. Didn't she do a great job?!

This year for Earth Day we made some tote-shopping bags. We made them from some scrap canvas material we already had in our fabric collection. All three of the children made one for themselves. We will be using ours for shopping bags as well as bags to carry our books to and from the library. They are quite simple, easy to make and a great starter project for learning to sew. Happy Earth Day!

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Paige said...

That's a great project! Now you just have to remember to take the bag with you shopping.