Sweet Family Life * Five Simple Rules

{Five Simple Rules}

1. You will be asked to do something such as- Will you please put away your shoes? You will be give a second chance -Put your shoes away now. Then you will be given an bonus chore-we have a list of extra chores from which Mom chooses a bonus chore. The consequences for not listening should be something the child finds unpleasant. It could be taking away video game time or a time-out away from everyone. I give the children 10-20 seconds to do the thing asked then I ask again then give them 10-20 seconds then they receive a punishment.

2. Do your chores- Dailies Weeklies & Rationals with an earned allowance once a month. We have a chore chart that is our to do list for the Day, the Week and then chores we Rotate between the children. I will post our chore chart sometime in the feature. The allowance is $15 per month for ages 10 & 12 with a chance for more after 6 months with a review of how they have been doing.

3. After chores & school work are finished you have the rest of the day free. We have agreed that the children can take all day and night to do their chores & school work but they do not get any TV time, video game time or get to play with friends until the work is done.

4. Do your best the first time or you will do it over. If they truly make a good effort in their school work & chores they can move on for the day but if they don't they will do it over.

5. Be kind to others. Simple & sweet!

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MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like a good base of rules. Just wondering how successful you are at enforcing them?

My baby is just 12 months, but already in the "sit down and scream" mode, so we are working on rules that will work for her . . .