Sweet Family Life * Mary Jane's Farm

Last year for Christmas my sister gave me Mary Jane's book Mary Jane's ideabook-cookbook-life book for the farm girl in all of us. It has everything from embroidery patterns, to gardening tips, to apron patterns, to how to make cherry pie, to tips on camping, to how to fold a cloth diaper. I think I love this book because she came from the same type of people I did. A large family with a small gentleman's farm in Utah. These are good people that are self-reliant, grow gardens, live the golden rule, raise animals, make things from scratch, "put-up" (can) jam & green beans & mustard relish for the winter and love their families. I recently stumbled upon Mary Jane's website. It is a treasure of information for anyone who likes to create, sew, cook, organic garden, farm, etc. etc. She has a bed and breakfast where you can stay. She has her Pay Dirt Farm School. She has a magazine. She is truly a marvel and testament to all women to follow your dreams and do good things with them. Oh and she also has a chat and chapters of The FarmGirl that you can join or create in your area. Have fun exploring her site!

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