Sweet Tip of the Week * Odor Remover

{Sweet Tip of the Week}

I love cooking with onions & garlic but I really don't want to walk around the rest of the day smelling like either one. Years a go I starting using this great idea. After touching onions or garlic rub your hands under running water with stainless steel. Rub-A-Way makes a bar that is shaped like a bar of soap just for this purpose. I use a teaspoon or tablespoon. I like the spoon because I can rub the tip of it under my finger nails. There is science behind the process. A chemical reaction is taking place. It also works much better & is much easier& more convenient than lemon juice. It is my Sweet Tip of the Week.

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lyn. said...

Did you know that rubbing your soaped up hands on the stainless steel kitchen faucet will do the same thing?
And you end up with a clean faucet to boot...