Find of the Week * Bathroom Luxury

Slipper Tub - Home Depot

Towel Warmer Costco

Jacquard & Turkish Towels Restoration Hardware

My brother gave his wife a wonderful rain shower head similar to the one shown here for Mother's Day. He also it installed it ready to use before he surprised her with it. That is a sign of true love and thoughtfulness-having it installed too. I have been looking at one of those for a while now. Don't they just look like heaven in a shower. I have wanted a warming towel rack since I was 16 and toured the Villa Philmonte at Philmont boy scout ranch. If you have never heard of it or seen it is villa built as a vacation home for the Philips family back in 1926. My first thoughts of luxury living came from this home from the heated towels racks to a drain near the bathtub to a beautiful walkway arched with climbing roses. What a brilliant idea to have a drain just outside of the tub. I can not count how many time I wish I had one with dripping little ones in my bathroom. I love slipper tubs. Remember the scene in The Holiday where Cameron Diaz is sitting in a small slipper tub? At that moment my dreams of a footed tub turned into dreams of slipper footed tub with it's higher back to rest your head. Most of the finds this week are things that can easily be added to any bathroom to add some luxury.

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