Find of the Week * In the Garden

Garden Watering Cans by Pottery Barn

Classic Adirondack Chair by L.L. Bean

Wrought Iron Hanging Basket from Lowes

Spray Nozzle from Lowes
Thermometer by Target

Vermont Garden Carts

It is spring and it is almost time to plant here in The Valley. We are a zone 3 0r 4 depending on where you are in The Valley which means Mother's Day weekend is the rule of thumb for planting. Here is a zone guide for those of you not here in The Valley. I love to garden even if it is small and in containers. I have always had some sort of garden. Right now I have a small patch of herbs right out my front door. Some of my must haves are a spray nozzle for watering good gloves and hanging baskets. That lovely Vermont Garden Cart is on my wish list. It is pretty and would be so handy. I am seriously considering Adirondack Chairs for the yard. They are comfortable sturdy and L.L. Bean has a nice fresh selection of colors. We bought a few flowers today to put in our hanging baskets and pots. I also bought some basil to add to our little herb patch. We will be planting some veggies next week. Have fun planting your gardens and remember anyone can grow a little bit of something no matter how small your space.


Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Note that the USDA hardiness zone map for Utah Valley (by far the more widely-used measure) has us in Zone 5 or 6.

Camille B. said...

I realize this post is several months old now but I fell in love with the thermometer from Target. Of course I can't find it on the Target website now after all this time. Have you got any more of a description of it or any leads to how I might be able to find it now?