Mothers in May * Truly a Treasure

{Bethany W. submitted by Becky W. ~ her sister}

"There are a few mothers that I could have chosen but, I chose my sister Bethany. What makes her a great mother is her ability to be just as excited for her 8th baby that is on the way as she was for her first. She is kind hearted and has a gentle spirit. She shows unfailing patience and love. She has 7 kids and is pregnant with her eighth. She runs a farm. She home schools 6 of those kids. She is the Gospel Doctrine teacher at church. While she goes to one ward with all her children her husband is the Branch President of another. She reads her scriptures. She also makes most of the family meals from scratch as well as grows and takes care of a huge garden with her husband and family. Bethany harvests, cans, and freezes what she grows. She helps her husband butcher animals. She ran the Art merit badge for the Boy Scouts and helps her oldest son earn other merit badges. She helps renovate her home. Does all this and runs the household like most mothers. She reads, and goes for walks. She helps her husband run a sugar bush in the late winter, early spring. She is very busy and still has a smile on her face most of the time. She is rarely angry, and always welcomes the family. I love her and I think she deserves a little something special. "
Becky W.

Bethany will receive a beautiful jewelry set from Bounjour Belle as a lovely gift. Be sure to stop by Bonjour Belle at the University Mall in Orem Utah to see their complete collection. Bonjour Belle will soon have their online stop ready for everyone outside The Valley.

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