Sweet Crafty Creations * May Baskets & May Poles

{Image Via Tuesdays Frog}

{Image via Martha}

It is the first of May or May Day. There are a few May Day festivities I remember from my childhood. One of them is making May Flower Baskets. These two examples above are very easy to make. The first is made by using pretty paper that is shaped into a cone with a piece of ribbon for the handle. The lower one is made from recycled food cans. Place some pretty flowers from your garden in your baskets then hang them on your friend's family's & neighbor's door and enjoy May. Tradition has it that you ring the door bell then run. If you are caught you must kiss the one who answers the door. Another fun May Day traditions is the May Pole. When I was in middle school we attached long ribbons to the flag pole. The girls did a "dance" around the pole weaving over and under each other around the pole. Enjoy sharing some pretty flowers and weaving some ribbon around the May Pole. Happy May everyone!

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