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I never had a chance to tell everyone about our Book Club read for the month of June. Twenty Wishes is fun book about a group of windowed women of all ages. Out of a get together the concept of writing down Twenty Wishes becomes the theme of their lives. I have written down a few wishes of my own but I am not yet to twenty. One of my wishes is to lay on my back on the cobble stone streets in Boston and look up at the city and take in the history that happened there as I think about what had happened right in that spot and who could have walked right were I am laying.

I would love to hear some of your wishes and it would be great if you all started a Twenty Wishes list of your own. Feel free to share I would love to hear some of your wishes. Dream big and have fun! Read the book you will like it. You can post your wish on the comments or email them to me at sweetlifeinthevalley@gmail.com

Click here to see Debbie Macomber's website. Debbie is also doing a readers contest click here to see the prize and how to enter.

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