My Favorite Finds * Metromint Flavored Water* Weekend Edition

I LOVE this drink. Metromint has something good going on! I just happen to pick up a bottle at Good Earth on Thursday while out shopping. The Chocolate mint was the first flavor I tried. It is my favorite so far. I was expecting an OK tasting flavored water. You know the kind that we see around all the time But NO OH NO this water is AMAZING! You have to give it a try. A perfect drink for those who don't want the calories or artificial sweeteners but want a ton of flavor. I am going to go broke buying it because it is my new addiction. These are the comments from my kids " the flavor is the after taste it is so good!" "can we just go buy a whole case of this stuff ?!" Wow mom I thought this was going to be gross like that other water stuff you buy." So far we have tried the Orange Mint Chocolate Mint Spearmint and the Peppermint. I can't wait to try the Cherry Mint and the Lemon Mint. Click here to see where you can buy it in your city. Here in The Valley you can find it at Good Earth Harmon's and Albertson's (if they have a natural food section). It is a perfectly refreshing water perfect for summer! Try it you will be very surprised.

P.S. No I am not getting paid to write this, it really is that good!
UPDATE: Harmon's has the four packs on sale this week.

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