My View of the Movie * On My Top 10 List * You've Got Mail

When I watch a movie I am often attracted to a few things. One is the set design and decoration. It must be my background in interior design. I notice the details. I really love the set decoration on You've Got Mail. I love the contrast of the feminine and masculine in the Kathleen ( Meg Ryan) and Joe ( Tom Hanks) apartments. I really want a desk and chair like the one Kathleen has in her home. I love that chair. The back is low but not too low. The desk is simple and classic. I had a basket for my magazines just like the one she has at the end of her sofa. Next the actors in this movie are some of my favorite. I do enjoy the chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. But there is also Greg Kinnear ( I have a little crush on him) -recently seen on Baby Mama- and Parker Posey ( charming funny actress in goodies like Best in Show and A Mighty Wind among others) These two as supporting actors make this film complete. I am voting for another film to come out with Nora Ephron Director, producer and writer teaming up Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan again. We need a good fun romantic comedy to add to You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. If you are reading Nora, Meg or Tom please consider.... Meg Ryan does have a new movie coming out soon. The Women coming out September 12th. This movie has the most amazing line up of actors. I am excited to see her again. You've Got Mail is on my list and will always remain near the top. It is one of my comforts like good home made food. " Don't you just love New York in the fall.. it makes you want to buy school supplies.."

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Pink Peony said...

The forever moving around furniture of You've got Mail. lol Love this movie also! :)