Sweet Family Life * Compost

Every time my kids empty their plates into the trash I cringe. Every time I am chopping veggies for salad or dinner and I have to empty my trimmings into the trash I let out a deep breath because I wish I had one of these really nice Nature Mill Composters to put it in so I can add it to my garden soil. We don't have the best soil here and I try to build it up with what ever I can. What i really like about the Nature Mill Composters is they don't have an odor and create the nicest organic compost for your plants as wells as fit under your counter. You can put the following green and brown items in it: sawdust, wood shavings bread, rice, pasta, grains nuts, nut shells, straw dry flowers, small yard leaves coffee grounds, paper filters fruit, vegetable scraps meat, chicken, fish fish bones, shrimp tails cheese, eggs, egg shells tea leaves, tea bags grass & plant clippings. All to turn in to a rich dark brown soil. Doesn't it sounds just great?!

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