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Today we went fishing as a family. I have not been fishing in over 15 years and even then I was for the most part just an observer. I have three children who have asked more than once if we can go fishing. Well fishing was filed under something dad will take care of and I will go as an observer and possibly the line untangler. Since I am no longer married and haven't been for 6 years now I had to refile the fishing job to my job. We bought our fishing licences a few poles and all the other paraphernalia associated with fishing and we were off. There was a lot of tangled lines and the ewws when putting on the bate but the kids had a great time. For the most part I was the observer and the line untangler and the kids got their wish. My 12 year old who is working on his photography merit badge took these pictures of the Provo River and the fishing reel. He has a good eye! The Valley has some great fishing. In fact the Provo River is a fisherman's destination spot. If you live in The Valley there are so many places you can go. For tips of fishing in Utah or a place near you visit your local Division on Wild Life. The Utah Division of Wild Life has fishing hot spots, weekly fishing reports, a fishing guide book and more. Fishing licenses are required in most places and often free for children. In Utah you are free if under the age of 12 and to our surprise free under the age of 15 in Vermont-we are planning a trip to Vermont the first of July.
Fishing Reel by S. Atwater

Provo River by S. Atwater

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