Find of the Week * Alo Sun Lotion

At the beginning of summer I got a couple of bottles of all natural and soon to be organic Alo Sun after sun lotion- one original scented and one unscented. I like the unscented better. In the back of my mind I remembered hearing this name before but not sure when or where. Maybe it is because this stuff has been around since the 1950's. I have never tried it before but I have to tell you I love it! I have been using it on my feet and hands. The nice rich formula has done wonders on my dry usually cracked feet. Not one crack all summer. It has also kept my dry cuticles soft. I am sure it is because the main ingredients in Alo Sun lotions are aloe vera gel vitamin E vitamin A lanolin. With the lanolin you would think it would be greasy but it absorbs right into your skin. I would say Alo Sun after sun lotion is not just for after sun but for all year long.

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