Other Stuff * Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up on September 4th and these two pretty necklaces are on my wish list.

The Julianne necklace by Caroline Armelle Drake of Armelle Jewelry is so pretty. I love the mother of pearl and I even like the gold. I never wear gold but this gold is so lovely delicate and fine looking. I bought another necklace from Caroline and I love her designs.

The other necklace I am loving right now is the Motherhood Necklace by Blue Poppy Jewelry. I have wanted something that represents motherhood and my children. I have been searching and this is the perfect piece. I wonder if they can make one with three silver dots one for each of my children. Blue Poppy also has other nice pieces in earrings, rings & bracelets. Some very nice gifts for those special gals in in your life & even me! I just might have to buy one for myself for my birthday.

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