Outside The Valley * Berry Creek Farm

{images by me click to enlarge}

On our trip to Vermont we had the opportunity to visit Berry Creek Farm in Westfield Vermont. Berry Creek Farm is a 158 acre organic family farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. In July you can visit and pick your own organic strawberries. Organic strawberries are sweeter than conventional strawberries because they lack the pesticides that make conventional strawberries take on a bitter flavor. The children had a ball picking strawberries and sampling a few as they picked. If you happen to be in Vermont during the summer be sure to stop by this lovely organic farm. Proprietors Gerard and Rosemary Croizet will be there to greet you. It is a perfect summer family activity.

{Gerard weighing some of our sweet juicy berries}

{ the children picking berries}

{Our harvest-we picked about 15 lbs of fresh organic strawberries}

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