Expect Miracles* Every Single Day!

{photos by me}

Expect Miracles in your life and they will happen.

Over this past year coming I have been across little things in my life that relate to the Law of Attraction. Even when I didn't know it they were little things that added up to what is called the Law of Attraction. When I started Sweet Life in The Valley I wanted to start a blog that would celebrate life community and beautiful things. I made sure that every thing I posted was positive and uplifting to the reader. My first encounter with the "Expect Miracles"was when I went into Dear Lizzie to photograph the store and our giveaway items last December. Laura the shop owner tied this inspiring ribbon around the bracelet above. It reads "Expect Miracles". From that moment on every time I signed into my Sweet Life in The Valley email I have expected miracles. And you know what? I found them. From wonderful comments from you to amazing giveaways for our Fun Free Fridays I was finding my miracles. The more I have studied the Law of Attraction and understand it the more miracles I witness it everyday. A couple of weeks ago the kids and I made an Expect Miracles Jar. We thought of all the things we wanted from money & trips to peace and harmony in our home and wrote them on colorful cards then placed them in our jar. We also added a pewter acorn for from a small acorn the mighty oak grows. I will have to tell you sometime all about the miracles that have happened since we made our jar. If you do not know what the Law of Attraction is I urge you to seek out a book, information and anything you can to learn more about it. It is about gratitude and faith. It is about being positive and giving. The Law of Attraction is a very good basis for a wonderful life. My daughter -12-said "Mom what would happen if everyone on earth tried to live the Law of Attraction?" Then she paused thinking for a minute and said" I think there would be world peace." I said and it would probably be like the city of Enoch. This week has been filled with miracles. Very amazing things have happened. A good place to start to learn about The Law of Attraction is to attend the Startup Princess Touch Point Event for Women this Friday the 26th. I will be there and would love to meet you all. Heather Madder will be speaking on Living as a Creator Without Limitations. Listen to her little intro here. Remember Kelly from Startup Princess gave all of our readers a 20% discount with the code "Sweet Life". Dreams & wishes do come true if you expect them everyday. And sometimes someone just walks up to your door and hands you money when you need it. It happened to me today! Believe & Expect Miracles!

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magy said...

Wanted to tell you, got your email last nite late and I was so inspired by it. I have heard about the Law and somehow it was pushed back. We really need a miracle now and I AM going to expect it. God says, ask and you shall recieve..........
Thanks, Maggey

Motherboard said...

Twiners + parallel lives.

I really do believe. Your Expect Miracles Jar inspired me to believe.

Thanks, April.