Favorite Finds * Vintage Water Jug

{click to enlarge image by me}

I am very lucky sometimes & get wonderful vintage finds at prices that are down right blessed. I found this lovely vintage two toned blue J.C. Higgins Sportsman's Jug at a local thrift shop for only $3 dollars. It is ceramic on the inside which keeps things really cool or really warm even better than the new jugs. The spout is in perfect condition and doesn't even leak a tiny drop. I was thinking of hot cocoa for ice skating in the cold winter months. It holds 5 quarts which is enough for the family and some friends too. I love love love this find. It is the fuel that keeps me going back to look through all the junk to find a treasure. Go out find a great find & tell us about it.

p.s. That beautiful sunflower is one that planted itself right in the middle of our squash- its seeds from last years giant sunflowers.


Tessa said...

What a cool water jug,
it is so cute!

Have a great day!

Teresa said...

I love this water jug. The colors are absolutely beautiful!

Megan said...

I love this find!! I try to post my yard sale finds too! My thrift stores never have anything so cute.