My Favorite Things * Soulful Minds Together

Charles Schultz & Vince Guaraldi

When these two guys got together some real magic happened. Vince Guaraldi is one of those people I would love to have met in person. His touch on the piano is smooth rhythmic jazz that stirs the soul. His Grammy's agree with me too. If you have only hear his music from the Charlie Brown movies search out more of his work. You will fall in love. Charles Schultz humor talented drawing and the portrayal of childhood transcends time and age. When my children need to calm down the talents of these two bring calm to our home. Vince's soothing tones and the leisurely conversation of the Peanuts gang creates a wonderful setting for family memories for each holiday season. Happy Fall everyone!

P.S. Be sure to get the real Vince Guaraldi playing his own songs. Nothing compares!

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{Sarah E is the winner of the Startup Princess Event Tickets & Joan B. is the winner of Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen giveaway-thanks for random.org for helping choose our winners!}

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