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Have you heard of Startup Princess?

Kelly King Anderson started a site in 2006 for women entrepreneurs & offers great advice from women business experts called “Fairy Godmothers”. If you have ever thought of starting a business check out the site, It’s a great resource.
Startup Princess produces an annual event each year in Utah. The Startup Princess Touchpoint Annual Event for Women Entrepreneurs on September 26th will be a great place for women who own a business, just started a business or have a talent and is thinking about turning it into some extra money from home. You will learn how to balance your business and your family, get tips on running your business and get a chance to chat with other ladies who are doing it too. Ladies even if you just want a little extra income on the side this is a wealth of knowledge to take home. Plus guess what? They are giving away over $2000 in prizes to the winner of the Elevator Pitch Competition (you must apply) and they are having a boutique from Startup Princesses & Fairy Godmothers too. Good shopping, good business mentoring, good food and good conversation what more could a girl- I mean princess- ask for?
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{Enter to win a ticket to the Startup Princess Event-Value $119}
-Send me an email with Startup Princess as the subject to sweetlifeinthevalley@gmail.com

-Answer the question of the week: Do you own a business or have you ever thought about starting a business? If yes tell me more about it.

- Include your name & address-open to anyone in the World

-You have until midnight Monday September 22nd enter this giveaway.

Startup Princess Touchpoint Annual Event for Women Entrepreneurs
Sandy Miller Innovation Center at the Salt Lake City Community College
Sept 26th
Sandy, Utah

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Kelly King Anderson-Startup Princess said...

thank you April for featuring our event and offering our giveaway! Anyone who cannot "win" can use the code "sweetlife" to get $20 off :)

hope to see you next week!