Sweet Harvest * Sunflowers & Seeds

{photo by me click to enlarge -look at the beautiful pattern of the seeds. Nature is amazing!}

It is time in our garden to harvest our sunflower seeds. You know the seeds are ready when the petals have withered the seeds are plump and the back on the flower is beginning to dry. It is best to allow them to get to this point on the stem. If the seeds are ready they should pop out when you rub your hand over them. Cut off the head and leave the seeds in the flower then hang from your trees with wire in the winter for the birds. After you harvest your seeds roast them slowly in a 300 degree oven until completely dried-about 30-45 minutes. Your children will love this process. If you didn't plant any sunflowers this year consider this easy to grow lovely flower in a corner spot next year. No large garden or yard required. You can even plant a few in some large pots on your porch. I love the harvesting of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds the fall brings. Happy harvesting!

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