From Our Bookshelf * The Best Halloween Ever

When my children were younger I read to them every night before bed. We fell out of the habit and I have been missing this bedtime ritual. We started again last week with The Best Halloween Ever by Barbra Robinson. In the book the Herdman children often steal candy set fires and cause trouble on Halloween but this year the mayor calls off trick-or-treats. With a school sponsored party and no candy the town's children are feeling very sad about the party the parents are planning. This worst Halloween ever is turned into the best Halloween ever. But how and by who? Read it. Your children will enjoy it and so will you. Barbra's writing is enjoyable for children of all ages including parents. A fun quick read before Halloween.

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quitecontrary1977 said...

I miss the days when my mother would read to me. Glad I get to share good books with my daughter now!