Photography* Mini Sessions

I am doing Mini Family Sessions for fall here. Just in time to do Christmas cards. They have been such a big hit I think I may just keep them for good! For those of you who just want a few shots to paste on your Christmas cards. These are a couple of pictures of my daughter. She had her back to school session up at Sundace this past weekend.


The Atwaters said...

Wow. What a cute model you had for those pictures. And what a cute sweater! The first two are my favorite!

Erin @ Sprouted said...

I know it's about the pictures, but your daughter is just darling. Were I a teacher, she looks like the kind of nice, responsible student I'd want in my class.

I love the setting. I had my senior pictures taken by my parents the same way--up a canyon, leaves in the background, creek running through, nice creaky bridges for posing on.