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{ Images via Russell Versaci }

I think I just found the architect for my dream home. Russell Versaci Architecture creates what is called The New Old House. This is someone I could sit down with and describe my dream home and he would get it since he's studied architecture as well as historical architecture. I love how he combines the historical features of homes for modern living. Versaci wrote a book about it Creating The New Old House -Yesterdays Character for Today's Home. He also has a new book out Roots of Home-Our Journey to a New Old House. Both on my book list -check. I love wide plank reclaimed wood floors wainscoting and vintage hardware. I think my vintage finds will fit just perfect into a home such as one of these.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! How did you find out about Russell's work? I received a google alert this morning with a link to your blog.

Kathie Friedley
Russell Versaci Architecture

April ~ Living the Sweet Life said...

Hi Kathie- Thanks I happened upon Russell's work yesterday when surfing the web. I cannot remember where but I found a link to his work and knew right away this is something I love and wanted to blog about.