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This week we bought two new games for the family. Both are two player games that are simple brain exercising and fun. Gobblet comes in a wooden box with wooden pieces. Much like tic tac toe your goal is to get a row of spaces filled with your pieces. But there is a twist the bigger pieces can gobble up the smaller pieces so watch out where you place those little ones. My children and I love this game. The other game is Blink. A game of matching & speed. You can match the color shape or number to get rid of your cards. Great for younger children who don't read yet but still so fun and entertaining adults will have fun playing it too. If you know of a great family game comment below we would love to add some more great games to our collection.

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girlsmama said...

We enjoy Blokus. Our K and 2nd grader both enjoy this game. It's for four players.