One Great Recipe * Caramel Corn

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Some of the very best recipes that our family makes are from Cookbooks made by the ladies at our church. This recipe came from a cookbook from the early 1980's when we lived in the Chicago burbs. All the ladies at church shared recipes and made them into a recipe book. I love this caramel corn recipe. It is by far the best one I have ever tried. Over the past 15 years recipe books at church has all but gone extinct. We need to start making and sharing recipes again. If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share send me an email at sweetlifeinthevalley@gmail.com and we post a bunch of them.

Happy Thanksgiving preparations! I am giving yummy caramel corn to some neighbors for Thanksgiving.
Caramel Corn Recipe

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Dana said...

This looks so great, making me want it. I will have to try this!!! Thanks so much for the recipe.