Holidays* New Years Ideas no.2 & no.3

Here are a couple of last minute ideas for your New Years Celebration

{Idea no.2 Tulle Pom Pom Garland or Streamers}

Make pom poms with tulle rather than yarn to create pretty festive garland & streamers in colors that coordinate with your soiree. Attach them to a matching or contrasting string. I used our sugared plum & white tulle tied to a lavender string. I alternated the sizes of the pom poms. Mine are about 6 in & 3 in each. You could also add contrasting ribbon ties in between each pom pom. I then sprinkled them with silver glitter. The hanging streamers shimmer when the move in the breeze of a passer by. Quick. Easy.

{Idea no.3 Gatherings for the Children}

Put together a take-out box with treats & noise makers for the children. It will make them feel special. Add in some games sparkling juices and plenty of snacks for a Happy New Year with your children. It is easy to grab all of these items at your local store at the last minute and they will make all the difference.

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