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If you haven't noticed I do not write about politics or controversy but I must say I stand behind these two articles. I love handmade toys and feel it would be a huge mistake for them to be heavily regulated like the big companies who manufacture over seas. It would mean all the handmade toys like the ones in our favorite Etsy shops would no longer be around. No more handmade toys at your favorite local boutiques either. The law safety-compliance law is going into affect Feb. 2009 No more of those great wooden toys or handmade crotchet cupcakes or pretty much anything handmade for ages 0-12. Sad sad day in America we need to do something. Read more below:

Please read this article written by Cool Mom Picks:

and this article by the Handmade Toy Alliance:

More & info articles:

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Just be...... said...

Your Tutu's are so "sweet"! No really I love the two colored ones.

Just found your site.Thanks for sharing great info!!