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{Handmade Christmas Idea #1}

Two projects in one:

I am sure many of you have made your own colorful crayons like these but for those of you who haven't it is a great idea for a Handmade Christmas gift for your children or for your children to make for each other. It is a simple as can be. My son calls them peanut butter cup crayons because of the shape.
{Photos by me Sweet Life Photography}

Crafty Creation 1~ Colorful Swirly Crayons

1. Save all your broken crayon bits
2. Find or buy a muffin tin that can be used just to make crayons {we used a mini muffin tin}
3. Peel wrappers from Crayons & save for the next crafty creation
4. Put colors you think would be pretty together in each tin filling to the top
5. Melt in a 275 degree oven checking every 5 minutes until liquid
6. Set on stove top to cool & harden caution this is very hot wax!
7. Put in freezer to shrink a bit. This will make them very easy to remove.
8. Color away!

Now for those left over bits of wrappers. I decided since they were so lovely and curly and colorful I just couldn't throw them away. We used them as decorations on a paper Christmas tree craft.

Crafty Creation 2 ~ Curly Crayon Paper Christmas Trees

1. Cut out a tree shaped paper
2. Swirl a good amount of glue on tree
3. Grab a handful of your pretty curly crayon wrappers and press into glue
4. Gently shake off extra wrappers

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marissa said...

oh I want to make some so bad for my little niece, how cute would it be to use those silicone trays in the different shapes