Sweet Holidays * New Years Idea no.1

{Click to enlarge- photography & styling by me~ april atwater}

{New Years Celebration Idea no.1}
Fruit Salad for New Years Day Brunch: After a late night of ringing in the New Year a full brunch for friends and family is a great way to start out your New Year. Every Christmas Santa brings a huge basket full of fruits to our family. We use the oranges apples pomegranates bananas tangerines & pineapple he brings us to add some sweet & tangy flavor as well as color to our brunch spread.
To Prepare: This is as simple as can be. Cut fruit into bite sized pieces. Squeeze lemon & lime juice over fruit to prevent browning. Serve in a lovely bowl. Accessorize the table with fruit. I put a few apples oranges pomegranates & broke open a pomegranate then placed on a small glass cake stand. It added to the height of the table display as well as color and decor.

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Petit Elefant said...

this looks so yummy! mmmm pomegranates.