A New Favorite * The Farm Chicks in The Kitchen

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I you haven't heard of The Farm Chicks be sure to check them out. These gals have talent beyond talent. Everything they do is touched with pretty little bits of goodness. Serena was so kind to send me a copy of their new book The Farm Chick in The Kitchen. I read it all the way through last night. I want to try every recipe and idea they have in it. You know how sometimes you will read a design or cookbook and you think that's a great idea but then you see another part of it and think no thanks. In this book every single bit of it is really useful, ah ha that's a great idea, yummy looking tidbits of info we can all use. You also get to know Serena & Teri better. It's nice to know more about the women behind all these great ideas. Today we made Marget's Special Oatmeal Cookies. The kids loved them. The recipe is good and the story that goes along with it just as charming. Marget and her husband remind me of my sweet grandparents. This is one book well worth the investment. The Farm Chicks blog is also a great place for inspiration. Enjoy!

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honeysuckle said...

I will have to see where I can buy one of their books as I love cookbooks. Love your blog too.