Our Sweet American Life * Presidential Inauguration

{Image by Shepard Fairey}
Today I am watching history as it is made with my children. This is the kind of school lesson they should be having today. I home school my three children and it is the best decision I have ever made in their education. It was the best fit for our family. It has given us the ability to watch history in the making. When they are grown this day will be in their history books. They can tell the stories to their children. Every time I look up at our large map colorful map of the United States I tear up. I love this country. It is my home I moved around a lot growing up and consider it as a whole my home. I love it's diversity. I love it's land. I love it's weather from the balmy beaches to the dry desserts to it's green mountains. I love the freedoms I am blessed with every day. God Bless America My Home Sweet Home!

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Quel said...

wow! i'm so impressed that you homeschool! what a great thing for your kids to watch history in the making.