Sweet Life in The Valley - Studio 5 * Taking Time for Yourself in The New Year

With children & so much more demanding our time which we give of freely and happily we need to be sure to take a little time for ourselves in this New Year. Here is a little sneak peak at what I will be presenting on the Sweet Life in The Valley Studio 5 segment on KSL 5 in Salt Lake City.

{Take a Fun Class- Taking Time to be Active}

I get bored with exercise quickly so why not take a fun class such as a yoga or dance class. Doesn't a tap dancing or ballet class sound so much more fun than walking on a treadmill? I had a chance to go over to The Academy of Ballet in Utah County to talk to the adult ballet teacher and take a few pictures of the adult class. They have classes for beginners all the way up to advanced. A good rejuvenating yoga class is also nice. It's Yoga at the Riverwoods Mall in Provo has a beautiful relaxing studio with views of Mount Timpanogos. It's Yoga practices Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga . Click on the links for details & schedules.

{Taking Time to Take Care of Your Skin}

{Baby Quasar & Baby Blue }

These two treatments have become some of my favorites for skin care. The Baby Quasar & Baby Blue are light therapy for your skin. The blue light of the Baby Blue kills acne bacteria. What more could you want. The Baby Quasar's red and infared light is used as a photorejuvenation tool for skin. It helps rebuild collagen and stimulate circulation in your skin which helps with wrinkles, fine lines, reduce pore size and hyperpigmentation.

{M2 Skin Care}

Remember this other truly amazing product I just started using is the M2 Skin Refinish.This stuff is like magic. You will see a big improvement in your skin the very first time you use it. Combined with the whole system and you have a great way to keep your skin looking great. Bonus the bottles are a generous size too.

{Taking Time to Read a Book}

Join our NEW for 2009 Facebook Sweet Life in The Valley Book Club page. This month Janurary we are reading Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg Gilmore. You are welcome to join in anytime. Tell your friends and family about us too. Click here--> to join. Sweet Life in The Valley Book Club on Facebook

{Taking Time for Friends}

If you don't already take time out for your friends start today. It can be a Girls Night Out to the movies or a Lunch Group that meets every week or even a Bunco group. I am sure your friends would be happy to receive a fun invitation for a Girls Night Out. Rotate who is in charge like you do in a Bunco group so everyone has a chance to plan and host. The sweet girl's night out Bunco box, invite and prize package we are showing on Studio 5 is from Pebbles in My Pocket. They have the best ideas for much more than just scrap booking. The papers are from the new America Crafts teen collection. I love the crowns. Perfect for our Sweet Life.

Take some time out this year to " Stop & Smell the Roses". It's that what life is all about anyway! Tell us how you are taking some time out for yourself this year. Post a comment below.

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Becky said...

i saw your spot on studio 5 this morning! great ideas.

i'm such a fan of taking classes and think it really is one of the best ways to take time for yourself!

i'd love to try out it's yoga! :)